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Self-replication of DNA by its encoded proteins in liposome-based synthetic cells
Pauline van Nies, Ilja Westerlaken, Duco Blanken, Margarita Salas, Mario Mencia and Christophe Danelon
Nature Communications 2018 (link).
The central dogma of biology was formulated in the 1950’s and describes the flow of genetic information as a universal property of living cells. In this report, we reconstructed DNA replication, transcription and translation, the three pillars of the central dogma, inside synthetic liposome compartments. Figure legend: Fluorescence confocal image of micrometer-sized phospholipid vesicles, called liposomes. Red channel, membrane dye; Green channel, DNA dye. DNA amplification is visualized as bright green spots in the lumen of liposomes.
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